Friday, July 11, 2008

Today's The Day

The meeting is at 7:00 at Scene(Metrospace) 110 Charles St. East Lansing, MI , and you can get a map at: just enter the address. Afterward, we will be meeting here at my place. Just enter that address into GoogleMaps. (A note: although my address is 1000 S. Holmes Street, Google gets it wrong. I am at the corner of Holmes and Climax. I am the only two story house on that corner, and I use the Climax entrance.)

I wanted to talk about the Entry Fee.

I’m willing to pay a part of it, in addition to supplying all equipment, and tape, but I would like some help on the balance of the entry fee.

We missed the early deadline of $50.00. The fee is now $75.00. I’m happy to contribute $10.00, which leaves $65.00 to come up with. The easiest way to contribute is PayPal. Here is how that is done:

Log onto
If you have an account, sign in
If you don’t have an account, it is easy to get one, just follow directions, or if you don’t want to do that, just e-Mail me and let me know if you can contribute, and I’ll get it later today or tomorrow.
Select “Make Payment”
Enter my e-Mail address, which is Don’t click on that link, as it just sends me a message. (Or do click on it and let me know if you are planning to contribute.)
Enter the amount ($10.00 is recommended, but you decide what you want to send. If there is extra, we can buy pizza one or more of the days we are working on it.)

Monday, July 7, 2008

Let's Give 'im His Props

I also got an inquiry about props. He said he had a bunch of props that we might want to use. I had totally forgotten about props. Here is a list. Of course we don't know what we need until we actually write the script, but if we know some things are available, we might want to work them into the script:

Police man shirt with LPD patch
Volkswagen Cabrio convertable
Ruger .22
Sig Sauer P229 .40 cal
HK P2000SK .40 calColt Defender .45 cal
Shoulder holsters
Belt holster
Ankle holster
Fur coat

I Bet I'm More Competitative Than You Are

I had an inquiry about how competitive the 48/5 Competition was going to be. The first one we did wasn't at all competitive, but I'm kind of excited about this one, and I really believe we can win it.

My own personal nature is not very competative in any way. The problem with competition is that it is a zero sum game. If someone wins, then it means that someone else has to lose. Now, I am not a touchy-feeley, new age, tree hugging Little Mary Sunshine, but I really do believe that just completing a film is a sort of win. If people like your film better than anyone else's, that's just frosting on the cake.

We've got some pretty talented people working on this year's film, and yet they are also very friendly and supportive. I'm sure it will be fun, and I think we have a very good chance of wining. If not, I've got another film project I would like to do later in the summer. Stay tuned, More on that later.

Thursday, July 3, 2008

People Needed

This is a list of all the positions that need to be filled. If I forget some, remind me and I will come back and edit this post.
  • Director
  • Effects Specialist
  • Actors, Actresses
  • Make Up Artist (maybe)
  • Camera Operator
  • Boom Operator
  • Sound Recordist
  • Lighting, and Equipment Supervisor and Assistants
  • Assistant Director, Script Supervisor, Continuity Supervisor
We have just a little more than a week to go, so I guess I would like some idea of who is actually going to participate, and in what capacity. You can leave a comment on this post, or e-Mail me at:, or both.

Tentative Schedule

  • Friday -- Attend meeting at (Scene) Metrospace and get the required elements that must be in the final film
  • Friday -- Meet at my house to draft a script. I won't say that the script is the most important part of the competition, but if it doesn't have all elements, and an interesting story, nothing else matters. Not everyone needs to attend the script drafting session, but if you are hoping to get a part in the film, it helps if you steer everyone toward creating a character that is ideally suited for you. Experience is certainly not required. I have some experience actually writing the script, but there is one woman who is very experienced and has a Hollywood agent, who will be on our team, too. She has had one of her screenplays optioned by Tim Allen's production company. If you have an imagination and you can be creative, that is an enormous help. And the give and take between other participants is very helpful. It would be nice to have most of the script nailed down early in the evening, however we went until four in the morning last time. I hope it doesn't take that long this time. That's where the pizza comes in. (Too much beer makes us less creative, although, we think we're more creative.)
  • Saturday -- Shooting will start as early as possible, around 8:00, I'm thinking. If we have all the potential locations selected ahead of time, we can just notify the people when we're coming and show up and start shooting.
  • Sunday -- Editing, sound effects and music.
  • Sunday Evening -- Turn in the finished film. (Hopefully on time, this year.)
  • Monday Evening -- Screening of all entrants, and we give our acceptance speech for having the best film this year.